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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lady Fairchilde Lands Lead Role In "Knoll: A Life Story"

(NEIGHBORHOOD OF MAKE-BELIEVE) - Lady Elaine Fairchilde, best known as the curator of the Museum-Go-Round in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, has been cast as Catherine Baker Knoll in the upcoming movie chronicling the life of the lieutenant governor.

"Knoll: A Life Story" is expected to hit theaters in December, according to director Ron Howard, who called casting Fairchilde as the lead a "no-brainer."

"Fortunately, she was available," Howard said. "Granted, she has been out of work for some time." The director said he chose Fairchilde because of what he called "striking similarities" between the woman and the rosy-cheeked puppet. "For example, both of them are natives of western Pennsylvania, so Fairchilde's accent and dialect are already where we need them." Howard would not confirm rumors that he's pursuing King Friday for the role of Governor Ed Rendell.

Fairchilde, a distant cousin of State Rep. Russ Fairchild (R-Snyder/Union), said she was flattered to be invited to play the Knoll role, even though some of her ideologies differ from those of the individual she'll portray.

"There are things I would do differently as lieutenant governor," said Fairchilde. "For example, I would see to it that the columns on all state government buildings are painted different colors."

When reached by phone for this story, Knoll said, "Who the hell is Lady Fairchilde?"