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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Harrisburg Markets Incinerator For Special Events

(HARRISBURG) - In an effort to overcome a mountain of financial debt incurred by the city's troubled incinerator, the Harrisburg Authority has begun renting out the facility for special events.

"We're thinking this place could be a hit for weddings, office parties and the like," said authority Executive Director Bob Ambrose. "Anything to stem the flow of $1 million out the door each month."

Howie Rosenstein of Enola, who rented the incinerator building for his son Roger's bar mitzvah this past weekend, said he was satisfied with the experience. "After the first hour, you don't even smell the smoldering trash. And clean-up was a snap, as we just threw all of our garbage onto one of the burners."

The board of directors at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency has already booked the facility for several parties in the coming year.