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Thursday, February 15, 2007

York's New Slogan Disses Reading

(YORK) - In an effort to spark revitalization in their city at the expense of another, officials in York have unveiled the city's new marketing slogan: "York: At Least We're Not Reading."

Mayor John Brenner was joined by members of YorkCounts in making the announcement. The group was paid $55,000 to come up with the moniker.

"I think this fresh slogan really drives home the fact that good things are happening here in York," Brenner said. "Okay, so maybe they're not. But at least we have fewer shootings per capita than Reading, and that's good news for the people of York."

Brenner also announced that he was forming a 24-member task force that will spend the next year trying to find ways to incorporate the slogan into a comprehensive marketing effort.

"Wow, maybe we have hit rock bottom," said Reading Mayor Tom McMahon upon hearing the news. "I mean, when you're being badmouthed by York, you're pretty deep in the shitter."