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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dillsburg Woman Finishes Digging Out From Friday's "Blizzard"

(DILLSBURG) - After spending what she termed "countless hours of grueling work," 89-year-old Ella Hartranft today finished shoveling her sidewalks and sweeping off her car in the wake of Friday's snowstorm.

"It was a blizzard," she said. "This is by far the worst snowstorm we've seen this year. Shame on Chuck Rhodes for downplaying it."

According to the National Weather Service, most parts of the midstate received between a coating and a half-inch of snow from the storm.

Hartranft said she worked non-stop to clear the white stuff, taking breaks only to eat, sleep, use the bathroom and watch Wheel of Fortune.

"Watching Wheel really helped to recharge my batteries," Hartranft said. "That Pat Sajak is one sexy beast, and gave me the inspiration to get out there and keep going."