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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Man Taken Aback By Hot Coworker's Flatulence

(LEBANON) - Wal-Mart clerk Rodney Esbenshade said he had lost what at one time were feelings of "animal lust" for coworker Ashley Collins after hearing her fart today.

"She was stocking shelves when she bent down to grab a few more cans of Alpo Prime Slices in Gravy [dog food] and that's when she let one fly," said Esbenshade. "She must have thought no one was within earshot, but I just happened to be walking by the aisle at the time."

"She's a real knockout -- except for the flatulence thing," Esbenshade added.

When reached at home by the Gazelle, Collins had no comment other than to say she would never date Esbenshade anyways.

"Her gas issues really mess up the whole fantasy thing," Esbenshade added. "I have a feeling I'll be into her again someday, maybe even tomorrow. Just not today."