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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beers & Spears

SPEARS to Patriot-News Editorial Page Editor Heather Long for her JEERS to Acting Labor and Industry Secretary (and apparent Boozehound) Sandi Vito. Long chides Vito for her drunken escapade, adding "It's a little early for St. Patrick's Day celebrations" -- as if to say getting piss-drunk in public on select holidays is okay. (Note to self: Find out where Heather Long plans to party on St. Patty's Day.)

BEERS to Sandi Vito. Because I hear she likes her beer. (Then again, everyone at L&I apparently does.)

SPEARS to Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed for luring all of us into buying those simply adorable bobblehead dolls bearing his likeness, only to later pull the plug on the Sports Hall of Fame idea. So now what's all of that money going to be used for? Wild West artifacts?

More BEERS to Sandi Vito...because even after the last ones, she's still walking upright. Dang, that chick can hold her booze.