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Monday, August 13, 2007

'The Spot' To Remain Open, Add Marijuana To Menu

(HARRISBURG) - In a reversal of last week's stunning announcement that they would close up shop, the owners of The Spot said today they will keep the establishment open as The Pot Spot.

"The new name reflects the addition of marijuana to the menu," explained owner Billy Kaldes. "Now, folks can line up for some pot, then come back 30 to 60 minutes later when the munchies set in and get their fill of hot dogs, hamburgers and other good, greasy stoner food."

Kaldes said the rest of the menu will remain the same as in the past, except for the addition of Doritos.

"This is by far one of the most convoluted supply-demand models I've ever heard of," said Jack Gurkin, a professor of marketing at Penn State Harrisburg. "They're selling a product that, in turn, creates the need for more of their products. It's downright ingenious."

Will the pot be grilled, like everything else at The Pot Spot? "If people want it that way, sure, what the hell," Kaldes quipped.

(Many thanks to
Jersey Mike for the photo!)