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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hershey Med Holds Nip/Tuck Camp

(HERSHEY) - It's not pumpkins that students ages 9 through 12 are carving at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center this week. The center's plastic surgery department is hosting the teens as part of its annual Nip/Tuck Camp.

Modeled after the popular medical drama series on television, the camp is designed to give students "a look at what really happens on a daily basis in the plastic surgery field," said Dr. Donald Mackay, a surgeon.

For instance, a course entitled Necrophilia 101 will focus on how to remove body parts from women and reassemble them so as to create "the ideal woman." Another class provides tips on how plastic surgeons arrange their schedules so as to allow enough time to have sex with as many patients as possible.

"Ninety percent of what we deal with is boobs," Mackay said. "Boobs, boobs, boobs. So you can bet there will be plenty of that this week for the kids."

The week will culminate with an appearance by actor Bruno Campos who will host a seminar entitled "Why Every Practice Needs a Carver."