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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Letters To D. Editor

I've been told that Nazareth resident and retired race car driver Mario Andretti has been approached by the State Police to become [Governor] Rendell's new driver. Have you heard that?
The Gazelle has indeed confirmed that Andretti auditioned for the role of Rendell's driver. However, he flunked on two accounts: he didn't drive fast enough for the governor's tastes and Rendell's beer twice slipped off the dashboard -- a major no-no.

[In response to "PennDOT Chief 'Flummoxed' At Results Of Anna Nicole Paternity Test" of 4/11/07]
Gee, I wonder how many people are now looking up the word "flummoxed"?? Thanks for the "word of the day."

Interestingly, I had more folks email wondering if a "Birkhead" was a form of acne.

I love your blog. Its funny as hell. I don't know if you accept submissions from hacks...
Thanks for the kind words. The most helpful submissions from readers so far have come in the form of unusual photographs with a midstate flavor. Not all have been printable (for instance, the one featuring Hershey CEO Rick Lenny, a sheep and a bondage harness), but some have sparked story ideas. And in such cases, I do give photo credit when it's due (if people let me).

Thank you! Good writing - funny and current! First time I visited your site reminded me of MAD magazine! Keep up the great work!
Bill S.
I'll pass your kudos along to Alfred E. Neuman, an Editor-At-Large of the Gazelle.