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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Harrisburg Finishes Removing Snow From Valentine's Day Storm

(HARRISBURG) - Mayor Stephen Reed today announced that city plow crews have finished clearing snow left behind by the storm that brought the midstate to a standstill in mid-February.

"My administration has made good on its promise to have that wintry mix removed from our fine hamlet's esteemed passageways within 90 days," Reed said. "It was an especially dastardly task, but our road-clearing engineers rose to the occasion."

Rosemary Watson, who lives on Third Street in Midtown, was able to free her car from a mound of snow and ice on Monday. "I worked at it, little by little, for the past three months," she said.

Meantime, Governor Ed Rendell's office announced that state workers, who have been off work for the past 13 weeks due to the snow, should report at their normal times tomorrow.