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Friday, January 26, 2007

State Museum Closes For Installation of Giant Turntable

(HARRISBURG) - The State Museum of Pennsylvania will be closed for at least a week while crews install a giant turntable underneath the building that will allow it to rotate, officials said.

Jane Crawford, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, said the agency has been discussing the move for the past several years as a way to "sex up the place."

Crawford said workers will essentially clear out the ground directly underneath the building and use giant concrete columns to support the weight of the building. Once all of the dirt is cleared away, the turntable will be installed underneath the structure, at which time the columns will be removed.

"Obviously, it will be a delicate process," said Howard Pollman, the commission's marketing director.

The work is expected to take about a month, though Crawford said it could last until June.