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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reason For Blue Cross CEO's Departure: Torrid Affair With Blue Man

(HARRISBURG) - A top official at Capital Blue Cross confirms board members asked president and CEO Anita Smith to step down after she had a "rapturous, escalating and increasingly obvious sexual relationship" with the Blue Man.

Board chairman William Lehr Jr. said "there was obviously something going on there," adding that a recent commercial shoot involving the duo turned several heads.

"Several people on the set reported that Smith and Blue [Man] had a lot of trouble keeping their hands off of each other between takes. Then after the shoot, the two were seen making out passionately on the hood of Ms. Smith's Mercedes right there in the parking lot," Lehr said. "We found that to be conduct unbecoming of a CEO."

Some coworkers who declined to give their names said Smith often found herself struggling to explain bright blue marks which seemed to surface out of nowhere on her neck, face and hands.
One woman who called herself a member of Smith's "inner circle" said the top executive often spoke of being sexually attracted to Gumby and other plasma-like figures throughout her life. "But," the woman quoted Smith as saying, "once you go Blue, you never go back."

Capital Blue Cross spokesman Tim Reeves would not confirm nor deny the allegations. "But I think it goes without saying that when you spend that much time together taping commercials, that breeds a high-stress environment that could easily bring sexual tension to the surface," he said.

Reeves said the Blue Man was unavailable for comment, noting his lack of a mouth.