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Monday, June 23, 2008

Letters To D. Editor

Wonderful stuff as always. I just heard WGAL report that a new study shows that teen tobacco use affects their brains. Another thing to blame on cigarettes. Seems like everything bad today is caused by cigarettes.

Unless it was a report from George Lettis (a.k.a. "The Tom Brokaw of WGAL"), be skeptical. Either way, please be assured that there are indeed numerous other sources of evil aside from cigarettes. Topping that list are carbon emissions, any of a number of invasive species, and Ann Coulter.

Do you think [Harrisburg Mayor] Stephen Reed will obey the state's new smoking ban?

To some extent, yes. I fully expect Reed to stop smoking cigarettes in his office. However, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of him taking the occasional puff from that hookah -- you know, the one made from the hollowed-out skull of former mayoral spokesman Randy King.