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Monday, January 21, 2008

Letters To D. Editor

You must retaliate for the "Jeers" given to you by the Patriot-News [...] for the Horse-to-Glue piece.

First, C.S., thank you for pointing this out. I missed it entirely, as I seldom read Mr. Troutman's column. For those of you who were also lucky enough to overlook it, Mr. Troutman refers to my "fake Farm Show spoof" and laments that the editor of this site remains anonymous, therefore "pointing out one of the downsides of the Internet." He goes on to say, "Anybody can put up tacky, crude, classless and often inaccurate material without having the guts to put one's name behind it." In response, Trout-meister, I would only assert that our article was a real spoof, not a fake one. Also, I commend you for having the guts to put your name behind your tacky, crude, classless and often inaccurate material. You're truly an inspiration to the next generation of cantankerous wordsmiths.

In a separate entry, The Trout bestows "cheers" upon Punxsutawney Phil for stopping by the newsroom. He expresses apparent disappointment at how Phil "was not allowing himself to be touched." What exactly did you have in mind, Mr. Troutman? Some quiet time with -- as you call him -- your "favorite Rodent-American?"

(Aside from Mr. Big Balls, thanks to the other folks at the Patriot who've given us a lot of nice press lately.)