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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Amish Community Tries To Mend After Rake Fight

(BIRD-IN-HAND) - Amish residents here are consoling each other and looking for common ground after a rake fight broke out at a recent barnraising, sparking the Plain community's equivalent to a bench-clearing brawl.

"One second we was nailing down two-by-fours," said Amos Stoltzfus, "and then, before you knew it, these two young fellas started takin' at each other with their steel-toothed rakes."

"It was scary," said Amos Stoltzfus (no relation to the above). "I mean, you expect this kind of thing to happen elsewhere, but not in our small, quiet village."

Accounts vary as to what sparked the rake fight, though two separate accounts say it started when Amos Stoltzfus (no relation to either of the above) made a disparaging remark about the shoo-fly pie recently made by the mother of fellow builder Amos Stoltzfus (no relation to any of the three men mentioned above).

There were no serious injuries, wunst.