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Monday, April 25, 2011

Man At Wine Kiosk Can't Make Up His Fucking Mind

(CAMP HILL) - A trip to the grocery store took a lot longer than expected today for Alex Benner of New Cumberland. That's because Benner, whose wife Jeanne sent him to the store for milk, Frosted Flakes and tampons, ended up stymied by his spontaneous decision to purchase a bottle of wine at the wine kiosk.

"I figured it'd be easy to just grab a bottle and go," Benner said. "At first, I was going to get a chardonnay. But then I shifted toward the reds and thought a cabernet sauvignon looked good."

As of the deadline for this article, Benner was still standing at the kiosk, holding a box of tampons and trying to make up his fucking mind.