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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Declaration Of Add A Caption Winner Sparks Riots In Islamabad

The editorial board wishes to thank those who entered submissions in the inaugural Central PA Gazelle "Add A Caption" Contest. The above photo drew scads of entries ranging from delightfully clever to downright whacked-out-on-crack.

And the winner is..."Man, Woman, Dog Donate Organs to Keep Knoll Running." It was submitted by J.K. Nice going, J.K.! You have won the right to tell all of your friends that your caption was deemed most clever by Central Pennsylvania's premiere fake online newspaper. If that doesn't get you laid, I don't know what will.

Here is a sampling of some other submissions:

"Who farted?"
--submitted separately by 2 readers: Tracy H. in Carlisle and Anonymous

"'That's *how* old in dog years? Quit yanking my chain,' said fluffy."
--The Ghost of News Directors Past [D.Ed. note: Could it be Rick Wagner coming back from the dead?]

"Lt. Gov. Knoll appears at a rally for taxpayer-funded eye care for canines."
--Bovation of Linglestown

“See the Lt. Gov’s hair, that’s the look we will go for next time; Smile for the camera puppy….”

"Which twin has the Tony?"
--R.K. [D.Ed. note: I don't get this one, but I'm including it in case someone else does and it happens to be really damn funny.]

If you think any of those suck, you should see some of the ones left on the cutting room floor. Just kidding, as they were all at least mediocre. Another photo is on the way soon -- accompanied by your chance to submit captions and win absolutely nothing!